code of ethics

My Code of Ethics:

I am a member of ISAR, and subscribe to their list of ethics and practice guidelines.

My Practice

I am a Natal Astrologer. I work with the client's Natal Chart to understand their core personality and life themes. I may observe transits, but will relate them back to the client's Natal Chart. I may use other chart forms such as Synastry, Composite, Secondary Progressions or Solar Returns, but always in reference to the client's Natal Chart(s). My practice is centered on empowering the client as an autonomous individual, giving them power to make their own choices and create their own path. With this in mind, I do not make predictions. I do not decide which course of action is better. I do not assume responsibility for the choices of the client. It is impossible for astrology to be absolutely certain about personality profiles or future events, and in my work I do not forecast future events. If you wish for forecasting events, you should see an Electional Astrologer or a Horary Astrologer.

I encourage positive client growth and development. I do not tell clients what they should do with respect to choices in relationships, career, relocation, sex, finances, or any other matter. While I may clarify matters as revealed in the chart, provide insight into the nature of conflicts, empathize with the client’s dilemma, or recommend a course of action, I respect and support the client’s capacity for decision-making.


I respect my client’s right to privacy and avoid unwarranted disclosures of confidential information. I will obtain the client’s permission before presenting client information to peers, or before posting photos of Art Charts to social media or my website, and assure you (the client) that names and other nonessential information will be withheld. However, if I believe you may be in danger or a danger to yourself or others, I make an exception to my rule of privacy and may consult with other professionals, such as lawyers and state licensed medical professionals to figure out the proper course of action.

When a situation arises where two of my clients know each other (if they are dating, married, related or are friends), I ensure confidentiality for each client. Our discussions and consultations are focused solely on the client, and not on others.


I require consent before creating a client's chart. If you are purchasing a chart for someone else, and they have willingly given you their birth information with the knowledge that it will be used for Astrology, then I will accept this as consent. Parents or guardians may provide consent for children's charts. However, the charts of children are a special case. I will provide information as long as it does not infringe upon their right to autonomy and free will; we, the parent or guardian and me as Astrologer, will work together to understand the age-appropriate information in their birth chart. Children, in this context, are under the age of 12. Above that age, they will need to give their knowledge and consent.

It is important to note that the natal chart and birth information of a person can reveal a huge depth of said person. It can be used to gain insights not only to their personality, but to their inner drive, motivations, fears, and traumas. Be aware of what it means to hand this information over to someone else. I, the astrologer, will use my best judgement on how much to reveal from a chart.


I strive for full clarity on my services, and what is to be expected. I expect payment before a product is sent out. This is to protect myself. However, I will start working on a project before payment is received on good faith. For physical products, like my Art Charts or for Art Prints, I will send an update when finished and a tracking number for the client's use. These charts will be sent with USPS and will be in a clear plastic cover to protect the product from water, dirt, or other damage. Special delivery options can be discussed, and may result in an extra fee. Digital charts will be sent as a PDF via email.

The next section describes my services and the associated costs, broken up by art, astrology, and consultations.

To design an image, I charge $25/hour on the project. This can be stickers, shirts, posters, cards, tattoo ideas, etc. My work is black-and-white, ink on paper.

The following is a list of my astrological services. PDF signifies a typed and digital PDF chart that will be emailed to the client. ART signifies a hand-written product to be sent physically to the client.

Simple Chart (ART) ...$80

Mini Chart (ART) ...$45

Overview Natal (ART) ...$150

Basic Natal (ART) ...$225

Full Natal (ART) ...$300

Natal Chart (PDF) ...$80

Child's Chart (PDF) ...$40

Child's Chart (Art) ...$125

Year-Ahead (PDF) ...$60

Year-Ahead (ART) ...$95

Synastry (PDF) ...$40

Quick Questions (*) ...$10

Art Prints (ART) ...$15

*Neither PDF nor Art; sent as email response

Consultations occur through video or in-person. They are available in three time slots, or in 30 minutes blocks. Consultations that occur over video will be recorded and sent to the client's email following our meeting, and will be accessible through Google Drive. [This is due to sizing issues with sending video files through email.] In-person consultations are not recorded by me, the Astrologer, but may be recorded by the client. These are to be done one-on-one. An exception is for synastry charts, or for children's charts. In these situations, the two+ people involved in the synastry may be present, and the parents/guardians of the child may be present. I ask to have all participating parties' birth information before our session.

30 minutes ...$20

60 minutes ...$40

90 minutes ...$60