Consultations are live discussions between you & me. They can be paired with a chart or on their own. 

We can talk about anything you'd like: career, relationships, chart basics, personal insights, or any other questions you may have. I'll ask to have your birth information ahead of time so that I can cast a chart, and not waste our appointment time setting it up! This is also a great time to let me know if you had a specific idea in mind (like exploring a major transit, or looking in to possible careers) so that I can take some time before our appointment to familiarize myself with your question. 

3 time options:

30 minutes: this is a great time to sit and chat about one, maybe two topics. It's best to have a question ready for this short meeting. It's also a great option for a follow-up to a chart, or for check-ins. It can also be good for reviewing highlights of a Child's chart, such as their temperament. ($40)

60 minutes: these discussions are great for going deep with life themes of the birth chart, current cycles, and/or gaining a deeper understanding of a specific area of your life. They are also great for analyzing synastry and composite charts (two people's connection), or for talking about your Solar Return and year-ahead. ($80)

90 minutes: With this amount of time, we can go over your chart in depth (though we won't cover it all!), and can talk about a variety of questions you may have. This is great for diving deep in to issues that you are experiencing in your life, and seeing how they may be cyclical patterns. We can go over multiple questions, and spend time really talking about them. ($120)