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"Taylor's creations are hand-crafted wonders full of meticulous details, delightful drawings, and fine penmanship. I received a full chart reading for my birthday, as a gift from my best friend, and was so enchanted by the work Taylor put into making my chart special and personalized. She cuts through the mystery, creating a product that is both easy to understand and magical to gaze at - every page is frame-worthy!"

- Brendan N., Philadelphia

"So much thought goes into every detail, from the drawing to the words. There is meaning behind everything! All the information is insanely accurate for mine, and really helped me notice habits of mine that I had never noticed before. I highly recommend investing in getting your chart done! Taylor does a beautiful job and her skills are beyond amazing."

-Avalon D., Washington, USA

"Thank you so much for your words & insights, for the detailed creation of my chart, and the beautiful art it was nestled in! Taylor, it was fascinating to read your analysis of my lifeline in relation to the skies above- you have quite a talent for presenting nuanced complexities in an accessible, to-the-point way! your words were very resonant, sometimes uncomfortably so (not a bad thing), and the detail was staggering."

-Sarah Kate K., Washington, USA

"Taylor is a master of clarity. She interprets the stars with clear voice and vision. Her work is the perfect gift for yourself or for anyone you know who is seeking answers and guidance, not to mention beautiful art and incredible attention to detail. Thank you Taylor!"

-Angela S., California, USA.

"I want to say that she's been really professional even though we have our time difference, and I missed several of our appointment[s] cause I mixed up the timing on my end. Otherwise, I was actually skeptical about astrology but she was able to tell me things or point out certain details that I haven't told her about and that really surprised me. I am a return customer and I'd defintely return to get a reading done."

-Claire T., Singapore

"Taylor is an exceptional astrologer. This is because she has a voracious hunger for understanding and takes total delight in every deep dive into a chart. After our initial three hour hang getting to know each other, the next time I saw her she presented me with a 12 page chart with a huge smile on her face and we spent some more hours dissecting it - one of my favorite afternoons ever. She has a sense of humor and rigor as she effectively translates the mysterious math of the planets in the sky into meaningful insights for your life."

-Kristin B., Washington, USA