Email is the best way to reach me for questions or readings.


Instagram @CentaurAstrology

Chart Options:

Horary Question ... (A magical, divinatory style of Astrology) $40 USD

Natal Reading ... (Personal insight in to key areas of your life) $40 USD

You can also purchase merchandise with my art at Society 6

What do I need to have?


Nothing! You do not need to give me any personal information, other than your name, preferred pronouns, and information on your question. There are some questions that require more background information, so it's possible I'll need to send you a follow-up email before I can answer your inquiry.


Best: Your exact (to the minute) birth time, Your Location of Birth, your Date of Birth, Your Name and Your Personal Pronouns

I may need more than just this... For example: If asking about your childhood or parents, I will also want to know things like how many siblings you had, if you moved around, your age differences and genders, etc. If asking about your current relationship, I will want to know background information such as how long you've been together.

If you don't have your exact birth time, that's okay! We can still look at your chart.


I ask for payment before I send out charts. Payment can be sent through Venmo or PayPal. I will send details in my first reply to your email, when I verify that I am able to do the chart. If we are meeting in-person (Check my Instagram for updates on where in the world I am), Cash or Check is also accepted.