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Zodiac Hand Series

Can you recognize your zodiac sign? Each of the twelve have been drawn here focusing on hands. In many, the hand shape is significant and symbolic of the sign's sigil (especially Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces). In others, the image surrounding the hands are symbolic of deeper elements of each sign.

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Medical Astrology Series:

This is a series exploring the medical side of astrology. There are many branches in astrology- people using the stars to learn about themselves (natal) is the most common in the us, Canada and Europe, but you can also use it to answer questions (Horary), look at politics and the world (mundane), to pick good times for events like weddings (elective), or to learn about your health or a medical problem. Each zodiac sign is associated with different body parts and functions, which work together with the houses, signs, elements, and planets.

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A collection of my Art-Chart Cover Art examples:

A collection of my Art-Chart Page Designs:

The Four Humors

The four humors are a classical idea of health and personality. In a very simplistic way, we can describe people as fitting one of these four mixtures. Everything is either hot or cold, wet or dry. Hot & Dry (Choleric, associated with fire, yellow bile, mars, and summer), hot & wet (Sanguine, associated with air, Blood, Jupiter, and Spring), Cold & Dry (Melancholic, associated with earth, black bile, Saturn, and winter), and Cold &wet (Phlegmatic, associated with water, phlegm, the Moon, and autumn).

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