Art Charts

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Art Charts

These charts are artistically created and individually curated for you.

I start with your chart- the wheel depicting your planets and their location in the zodiac. I look at your elemental balance, at the shape of your planets, at the weight and distribution. I look at the location of your Sun and Moon, and pay special attention to the signs of these two luminaries and your rising sign.

Then I start drawing. It's a very intuitive process, and usually is not pre-planned. There are thematic ideas- like seeing symbols associated with the zodiac, or representations of the glyphs; there are elemental representations- like using plants for fire/earth people. But no two charts are the same. In addition to drawing the chart page, I also illustrate each of my interpretation pages.

One strong theme through all of my artwork is nature. I am inspired by and drawn to the natural world. I use lots of clouds, birds, fish, bugs, mushrooms, flowers, trees, mountains, and bodies of water.

Simple Chart

This is simply your art chart, presented on a double sided page. On one side is your chart, shown in the example photo. These are 100% personalized and unique to you. They can be read much like a tarot card. Also on the cover page is your name, birth information, and planetary signs and degrees. On the reverse is a breakdown of your chart: planetary aspects, important details, and your elemental and qualitative balances.

Cost: $80

Want to know what I mean by "read it like a tarot card"?

In the above example, most of the planets are on the left and bottom of the chart. This is mirrored in the layout of the drawing. The exception is the North Node on the right side, which shows a growth point in your life. There is a snake (growth, resilience, transformation) looking directly at it. A thick tree grows with the Earthy Mideaheaven. It's roots reach down to the water below, symbolizing the Moon, Rising, and IC in Pisces. The Sun and Moon are both below the horizon and invisible, much like the private nature of this individual. In fact, they have a heavy Scorpio emphasis- being unafraid of the darkness, seeing what others miss. The bottom left imagery is also in benefit of Scorpio's ability to use everything, to compost, and to find beauty in what others discard. Flowers blossom under the sun. Because this individual has all elements represented (although little air- see the small cloud), all four elements are incorporated. Soil, rock, and trees for Earth; life energy in animals and plants and stars for fire; clouds for air; the river for water.

Each chart has a unique layout

I 'm inspired by nature, so there are certain themes that arise- water, flowers, trees, etc. Still, I strive to make every chart completely unique and special.

The back side has more information

Even without a reading, your chart art comes with a breakdown of your planetary aspects and elemental balance. Depending on the chart, I add information like planetary shape, or notes on a dominant planet.

Art Chart Samples:

Here is a gallery of some art-chart designs. The design is based on the elemental makeup of your chart, the placement of your planets, and the zodiacal representation. They can be read like a tarot card.

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New Option: Mini Art Chart

While the above Art Chart is 8.5" x 11", this new 'mini' version is 9" x 6.5". It includes a drawing of your chart, still drawn to fit you uniquely, but it moves your basic information to the back and doesn't include the same breakdown. Price: $45

Art Charts with Astrology Readings:


The overview chart includes a double-sided introduction to your astrological makeup. This covers a discussion on your elements, on your Sun + Moon, and (depending on space) an overview on important factors. The extra pages are still hand drawn, and are still unique to you and your topics. They are also hand-written, and lovingly made.

Price: $150

Basic Chart

This adds a double-sided page to your bundle, and with it brings more room for me to expand on your chart information. Major life themes are identified, and change from person to person. I also discuss possible areas of stagnation, or (in other words) areas where you can grow. My astrology focuses on how to make positive changes and live your best life, giving you the power of personal transformation. Each page is beautifully designed to fit the topic of discussion and curated for your chart.

Cost: $225

Full Chart

This is the longest hand-done chart I offer. There are 6 pages (3 double-sided) of content + your art chart cover. All pages are designed and unique for you. There is no way to cover everything Astrology can tell you about yourself- it would take years, if we were to try!- but this chart offers in-depth analysis of your chart factors. I cover your strengths and weaknesses. I talk about your communication style, your life path, your growth and transformation. At this length, I spend about 15+ hours working directly with your chart: understanding your elements and planets, drawing the cover, designing the pages, planning out the topics of discussion.

Cost: $300

Solar Return Art Chart

These are meant to be additions to your Art-Chart package, and so are the same size as the Art Chart pages. Half of the page is a new artistic representation of the energy for your upcoming year. The bottom half and back of the page are descriptions and analysis of the year.

Note that I do not work with predictions. In these Solar Returns, my focus is on the energy and possibility available for you. Will this year be a good year to grow your artistic skills, or to connect with your family? Will this year feel unstable or chaotic? Is this year a good year to give yourself a break and not worry about being 'productive'?

More Page Design Examples: