Art Charts

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This video will walk you through a sample chart, showing the "Full" option: 3 double-sided pages of hand-written & illustrated readings, with a cover page. Note that every single person's topics are unique, because everyone's chart, life, and challenges are unique. 

This video takes you through my process of creating an Art Chart: from the original sketch and balance to choosing the environment to the final touches. Most of this art process is based on intuition, and I spent time reading your chart before jumping in to the art. This means that, hopefully, when you see your chart it feels like "you"!


Each chart has a unique layout

I 'm inspired by nature, so there are certain themes that arise- water, flowers, trees, etc. Still, I strive to make every chart completely unique and special. 

The back side has more information

Even without a reading, your chart art comes with a breakdown of your planetary aspects and elemental balance. Depending on the chart, I add information like planetary shape, or notes on a dominant planet.

The Simple.... Just art, $100

The Overview... Art and one page reading, $200

The Major... Art and two page reading, $300

The Deep... Art and three page reading, $400