Art Charts

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These charts are artistically created and individually curated for you.

I start with your chart- the wheel depicting your planets and their location in the zodiac. I look at your elemental balance, at the shape of your planets, at the weight and distribution. I look at the location of your Sun and Moon, and pay special attention to the signs of these two luminaries and your rising sign.

Then I start drawing. It's a very intuitive process, and usually is not pre-planned. There are thematic ideas- like seeing symbols associated with the zodiac, or representations of the glyphs; there are elemental representations- like using plants for fire/earth people. But no two charts are the same. In addition to drawing the chart page, I also illustrate each of my interpretation pages.

These charts are very much like a tarot card, drawn about you.

One strong theme through all of my artwork is nature. I am inspired by and drawn to the natural world. I use lots of clouds, birds, fish, bugs, mushrooms, flowers, trees, mountains, and bodies of water. Expect to see environments that mirror your temperament, measured between hot and cold, wet and dry. Also expect to see themes with your major signs drawn from mythology and mysticism.


Each chart has a unique layout

I 'm inspired by nature, so there are certain themes that arise- water, flowers, trees, etc. Still, I strive to make every chart completely unique and special.

The back side has more information

Even without a reading, your chart art comes with a breakdown of your planetary aspects and elemental balance. Depending on the chart, I add information like planetary shape, or notes on a dominant planet.

The base is an art chart...

Add an extra page for a small reading to go with it,

Or add two extra pages,

Or three extra pages!

These are all double-sided, hand drawn and hand-written. You have a certified astrologer reading your chart and giving you a breakdown of what everything means, and what I see written in your stars.

The Simple.... Just art, $100

The Overview... Art and one page reading, $200

The Major... Art and two page reading, $300

The Deep... Art and three page reading, $400