My name is Taylor,

I have been practicing Astrology with the public since 2018. I love working with clients and with the consultation side of Astrology, but found a new favorite mode in my Art-Charts during the Covid-Quarantine of Spring 2020. This combines two of my passions: art and astrology.

My Homes

While I've lived in more places than these, they are the three where I've grown the most. I'm thankful for these beautiful and inspiring environments!

Growing up, I moved constantly. Before leaving high school, I'd lived in Germany, Japan, and Switzerland. I've been heavily influenced by the beauty of nature in all of these places, and by the unique languages and cultures around the world.


I live on wheels- if I'm not skateboarding, I'm riding a bicycle (on the road, on the trails, or back country). I'm also a Sagittarius (the famous Zodiac Centaur) Sun, Moon, and Mercury. The asteroid Chiron, another Centaur, has also played a huge role in my life. Like Chiron, I hope to be a healer for others.

Study & Immersion

Growing up, Astrology was a normal topic. My grandmother is an esoteric medium working with atrology, angels, and spirits. My sister has followed in this family path, both of us reading Tarot and observing the planets. My astrological knowledge comes from my University studies of history and mythology, my familial background, and the devouring of books, lectures, classes, and information. I am constantly attending ISAR Webinars, reading more books, listening to Podcasts and attending classes to grow my knowledge. I am currently pursuing an Astrological Counseling and Relationships Certificate through Kepler College.

the birth of Centaur Astrology

I am a Centuar in my travels through bike packing, and in my hobbies through skateboarding. Centuars combine the physical and spiritual worlds, with their eyes up above studying the heavens but their feet firmly rooted on the ground. They are wise, healing, and spiritual.



Through the Los Angeles Astrology School. I also went to Western Washington University (in Bellingham, WA) and studied ancient history, religion and mythology.

I am currently working on an Astrological Counseling Certificate through Kepler College. I have completed their courses on Children's Charts & Parental Counseling, and Counseling skills. When I'm not living on my bike, I'll continue my studies!

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