Centaur Astrology is all about knowledge, creativity, and empowering people to make positive changes in their lives.

My name is Taylor Bailey, and I would love to help you translate your inner universe.

Astrology, to me, is a wonderful tool for gaining self-awareness and navigating personal transformations. My astrology looks at your past habits and tendencies and tries to shed light on negative cycles that need to be broken. I also love to look at strengths and possible avenues of joy for people.

Clean out our shame & make positive changes

By recognizing our diverse needs, and the planetary influences on our personalities, we can stop shame, stop self-hate, and stop guilt- and instead focus on growing love and understanding for yourself.

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Chat with me! I love talking to people about their charts, and helping them try to figure out the complex language of Astrology. Are you curious what the stars have to say to you? Do you have a major event coming up? Did you recently have a child? Are you experiencing a major transit, like a Saturn Return?

All chart options are found on my About Astrology Page, or listed on my Contact Page.

Charts & readings

What does your inner universe look like?

Find out with a custom design!

Full Natal Charts

Tiered options for price flexibility

Custom Artwork

Unique to your specific chart

Unique Pages

Each page is an art piece, and customized for your chart

Charts & Readings

I have a huge variety of astrological services to offer. I can help you navigate the astrological world, either verbally (in a consultation) or written in a chart. If you just want the content, I can write you a document and email it on.

I'm really passionate about my Art Charts. I hand-draw and hand-write these charts for people, and love being able to curate a unique experience. It's a blend of intuition and knowledge, of head and heart. You get a true reading, an analysis of your chart that isn't just some computer telling you what placements you have- it's a synthesis, a description, a type of poetry to be translated through both words and art.

These can be wonderful gifts, either for yourself or for someone you love.